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What am I? #2

Liar’s Lake Waltzing Matilida

Liars Lake Waltzing Matilda is a very well known 3/4 watusi cow. Born in 1992 out of a 1/2 watusi/ 1/2 longhorn cow and Congo Warrior a Foundation Pure watusi bull. She started her career at a young… Read More

Liar’s Lake Waziwama

Liars Lake Waziwama, WWAFP2454 A son of the incredible Liar’s Lake Wazimu, Waziwama shows the potential of his beautiful sire. Liars Lake Waziwama WWAFP2454 Born 9-19-2004 Liars Lake Wazimu WWAFP1045 Born 6-7-2001 Liars Lake San Diego WWAFP1997 FP… Read More