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A tale of life….

Back in 2001 at Liar’s Lake we had a young bull born that had all of the promise in the world.   We named him Liar’s Lake Wazimu, (Swahili for insanity take that where ever you want).  This young… Read More

Hello World


Liars Lake Flotsam, Watusi Herdsire

We are introducing our young watusi herdsire, Liars Lake Flotsam. For those that are unfamiliar with the word, Flotsam it is defined as marine debris in the water that was not deliberately thrown overboard, often as a result… Read More


Sometimes a special animal comes into our lives and sometimes they are even cows.  I am afraid that I will lose this cow soon, so I have her in the forefront of my mind.  I purchased her as… Read More

Upcoming Watusi herdsire, BWS Renegade

We can hardly wait for this guy to grow up.  This is BWS Renegade, WWAFP4540 by BWS Bwana Junior, WWAFP3079 and out of Heiken’s Ark Susanna, WWAFP2922.  We purchased Renegade the day that he was born and are… Read More

The people of Liar’s Lake and friends…..

Lemur Adventures

Just some photos of the daily life of lemurs at Liar’s Lake.

The saga of a winter birth

Most of the time animal breeders plan on babies arriving a certain times of the year, most often when it is not freezing.  This does not always happen, especially if you allow the boys and the girls to… Read More

Todays new addition – watusi heifer

Another new addition